Watch Filter Create Their New Album In the Studio!

As many of you know, we're back in the studio, collaborating with the same amazing team that helped produce two of your favorite albums, Short Bus and Title of Record. We're offering fans the unique opportunity to share in this creative process in a way that we'venever offered before by allowing them to FaceTime or Skype with us and the sound engineers that created these platinum albums during a live studio session.

So many of you have contacted us with questions about production and music composition and we thought this would be an excellent way for you observe both via a live, unrehearsed writing/recording session in its raw, spontaneous form. For other fans it offers the ultimate experience to be the first to hear the guitar rifs and lyrics that may eventually be recorded as a part of Filter's legacy

These sessions are being offered on a limited basis and may be reserved between the hours of 12-5 pm, (Pacific time) on any day we are scheduled to be in the studio. A full hour is $300, (each additional hour after that is $200), or you can reserve a half hour session for $175. No recording is allowed (screen shots are fine) and we require complete discretion concerning the disclosure of any details of these sessions for obvious reasons.

If you would like additional information or if you're ready to make a reservation, you can contact us at

We look forward to having you join us.

Filter: The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D
The Hand That’s Dealt
This was the first song that Jonny and I wrote together. We always loved this song and wanted to give it to our fans as a gift after The Sun Comes Out Tonight. You can download the song HERE
The Hand That’s Dealt
Click Here to Head over to Artist direct to hear a brand new song titled “The Hand That’s Dealt”
Anti-Folk Revival Tour In Drop-D 2014 with FILTER, Helmet & Local H

On a late Sunday July 13th night, House of Blues in Disneyland truly became the happiest place on earth as it went down memory lane to the 1990’s hard rock bands Filter, Helmet, and Local H. Each band on “The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D” is fully capable of selling out crowds and headlining their own tour, but they have joined forces for what promised to be a great show and a fun night.

The show started promptly at 8 pm, and as the crowd filled the venue, Southern California natives Red 9 hit the stage with a short set of alternative hard rock to energize the audience a bit. Together since 2007, the band clearly had some fans in the audience as they sung along with the songs. Their third studio album Under Dark Skies is out now.

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