Platinum-selling, post-industrial/alternative rock pioneers, FILTER release their much-anticipated new album, ‘The Algorithm’, today via Golden Robot Records. The album, their first in seven years, is a tight, conceptual statement heralding career-best songwriting from mastermind Richard Patrick and giving the classic Filter sound a modern sonic edge.

Produced by Patrick and Brian Virtue (Jane’s AddictionThirty Seconds To MarsAudioslave), and mixed by Virtue, ‘The Algorithm’ is also a major musical statement, packed full of mini-epics comprising Filter’s signature hooks and soaring, anthemic choruses. But there’s also profuse angles. This is dynamic ear candy to both seduce and shatter speakers.

The triptych of singles released from the album to date highlights the deep form that Patrick and co. are in, from the metallic blowout of first taster, “For The Beaten,” to the sinewy, romo-rock boogie of “Face Down,” and the utterly mammoth current single, “Obliteration.” Other highlights from the most colorful patchwork Filter has created include the gorgeous, sun-kissed pop of “Burn Out The Sun” and the blissful nihilation of the album’s spiritual heart and spacey, solemn closer, “Command Z.”

‘The Algorithm’ is an album of many and varied strengths, with the band sounding as fresh and dynamic as they did on early landmarks ‘Short Bus’ and ‘Title of Record.’ Patrick says of the recording: “It’s been seven years between albums for Filter and during that time we had to deal with a pandemic. I juggled several film scores and other projects, but I can safely say I am really very proud of ‘The Algorithm. The amount of time I had to make this record gave me the opportunity to work with super talented new people, some of my former bandmates, and even allowed me to explore ideas that have been floating around my own head since ‘Crazy Eyes.’ This record is the best record Filter has made in many years.”

The Algorithm is->

FILTER Richard Patrick, Jonny Radtke, “Rotten” Bobby Miller, Elias Mallin

Additional Musicians: Zack Munowitz, Sam Tinnesz, Mark Jackson, Brian Liesegang, Ray Luzier 

Co-Writers: Brian Liesegang, Zack Munowitz, Sam Tinnesz, Mark Jackson, Ian Scott, Seth Mosely 

Album Produced by Richard Patrick and Brian Virtue

Additional Production *select tracks: Mark Jackson, Ian Scott, Seth Mosely 

Mastered by Howie Weinberg

Album Art by Sam Shearon 

Out on Golden Robot Records


‘The Algorithm’ Track listing:

1. The Drowning

2. Up Against The Wall

3. For The Beaten

4. Obliteration

5. Say It Again

6. Face Down

7. Summer Children

8. Threshing Floor

9. Be Careful What You Wish For

10. Burn Out The Sun

11. Command Z

Available on your favorite streaming platform + CD, Black LP, Clear LP, Signed and limited edition bundles!